“It’s Cancer”

Two words you never expect to hear, and definitely not at age 35.

April 21, 2015

It was a Tuesday.  The day before, I had my first mammogram, then an ultrasound, then a biopsy of three areas of “concern” in my right breast.   As I picked up my cell phone, I knew that what I learned from the other end could potentially change my life forever.

“It’s Cancer”.

In the moments after I put the phone down, all I could think of was my three precious children and husband.

In those moments, cancer went from a terrible disease that happened to other people, to a world-rocking diagnosis that could possibly leave my children motherless and my husband a single dad of three young children.

Later that week, I would learn that my “Her-2 Positive” type of Breast Cancer was highly aggressive, and had already spread to my lymph nodes.

Over the next year, I would walk through 18 weeks of chemo, and chemo’s horrific side effects.   Hair loss.  Complete loss  of strength.  A blood transfusion.  3 surgeries.  34 radiation treatments.  Chronic Fatigue.  I’ve shed many tears, but more importantly seen God’s abounding grace.

During my cancer journey, I felt so called to share my journey through a blog, “His Grace Abounds”.  As my world was crashing down around me after hearing “It’s Cancer”, I had to cling to the truth that “His grace would abound in deepest waters.”    In December of 2016 I was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer.

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